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Libraries used by GWiki

milton-*1.4.2 (other not tested)WebDAV-Access
spring2.5.1 (other not tested)Bean Configuration files. Database Access via JdbcTemplate
groovy1.5.2-1.7.0GSPT and Page Controler
collection-generic4.01Programming convinience
commons-lang2.4Programming convinience
commons-beanutils1.7.0Programming convinience
commons-collections3.2.1Programming convinience
commons-io1.4Programming convinience
commons-codec1.3Programming convinience
javax.mail,mail1.4.1Sending notification emails
(org.apache.poi,poi,poi-scratchpad)3.2-FINAL (3.3 may not work)Parsing Office documents. Part of plugin.
commons-fileupload1.2.1File upload handling
xercesImpl2.8.1 (other version may conflict with spring version)XML-Parsing
nekohtml1.9.13Parsing HTML
(org.apache.pdfbox)0.8.0-incubatingparsing pdf. Part of plugin.
commons-digester1.8.1Parsing XML (Tag libaries)
javax.el1.0GSPT El-Expression Support
javax.servlet2.5Servlet API
com.uwyn.jhighlight1.0Code highlight. May replaced later.
taglibs.standard1.1.2Standard Taglib
(dom4j)1.4Confluence Data import (Optional). Part of plugin.
jstl1.1.2Standard JSP taglibrary
javax.servlet.jsp2.1API for JSP. Used by GSPT
commons-dbcp1.2.1Optional used for DataSources. May be removed if no database is used or replaced by container implemenation
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