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GWiki Macros

GWiki Macros available

  • Macro HTML Tags
    There are a collection of Macros to make usage of HTML tags in Wiki text.

  • Macro HTMLcomment
    With the macro HTMLcomment parts of the wiki page can be hidden.

  • Macro ScrollNextPrevPage
    The Macro ScrollNextPrevPage generates a link to next or previos page.

  • Macro anchor
    The Macro anchor defines a local anchor in the current page.

  • Macro breadcrumbs
    The Macro breadcrumbs includes a list of links of recent visited pages.

  • Macro children
    The macro children create a table content of the children pages.

  • Macro chunk
    The chunk macro marks a named portion of Wiki text. Optional it displays it as fieldset.

  • Macro code
    The macro code wrap a text as source code.

  • Macro column
    The Macro column can be used in connection with Macro section to define a multiple column layout.

  • Macro fancybox
    With the fancyboxy popup windows can be created.

  • Macro form
    The Macro form provides a form element.

  • Macro formlabel
    The Macro formlabel marks a region for blueprint templates, which are only shown in formular view, but not in result wiki text.

  • Macro gallery
    The Macro renders all image attachments of a given page as image gallery.

  • Macro groovy
    With the groovy macro a groovy snipped can be included in the wiki page.

  • Macro hidden
    This macro is like a source code comment. The enclosed body will not be visible in the output at all.

  • Macro html
    The macro html marks a region of text as pure HTML.

  • Macro if
    With Macro if conditional output can be created.

  • Macro include
    With include Macro the content of other pages can be included.

  • Macro incremental
    The Macro incremental can used inside a slide show to mark list to be shown incremental.

  • Macro input
    The Macro input renders an input control.

  • Macro jsptaglib
    With the Macro jsptaglib Taglibraries, developed for JSP-Pages, can be used in the wiki page.

  • Macro listlabel
    The Macro listlabel list all Keywords.

  • Macro msg
    The Macro msg prints a message using the Gwiki Internationalization (I18N).

  • Macro navbreadcrumb
    The Macro navbreadcrumb renders a unordered list of all parent elements of the current element.

  • Macro newelement
    The Macro newelement create a link to create a new element.

  • Macro noformat
    The macro noformat wrapps a section of text to supress evaluation of wiki code.

  • Macro note
    The panel macro wrapp an text with a box.

  • Macro pageattachments
    With the Macro pageattachments a shortcut to the attachments of current page will be created.

  • Macro pagegallery
    The Macro pagegallery include a gallery of children pages.

  • Macro pageintro
    The Macro pageintro markes a section of wiki text, which will be used as short abstract of the page.
    This text can also be used to be displayed in children Macros.

  • Macro pagetree
    The Macro pagetree renders a JavaScript tree of all children pages sorted by title.

  • Macro pagetreesearch
    The macro pagetreesearch a search box will be show, to search on children pages.

  • Macro panel
    The panel macro wrapp an text with a box.

  • Macro quote
    The macro quote marks a section of wiki text as quoted text.

  • Macro recently
    The macro recently list the elements recently was modified.

  • Macro section
    The Macro section can be used in connection with Macro column to define a multiple column layout.

  • Macro slide
    The Macro slide defines a slide inside a slideshow.

  • Macro slidefooter
    The Macro slidefooter defines a footer for a slideshow.

  • Macro slidehandout
    The Macro slidehandout can be used inside a slide section to mark wiki text shown only in non-slide view.

  • Macro slideheader
    The Macro slideheader defines a header for a slideshow.

  • Macro slideshow
    With the Macro slideshow, you can create a HTML based slideshow.

  • Macro slidestyle
    Macro to define slide style for a slide show.

  • Macro toc
    With the macro toc a table of content of the local page headings can be created.

  • Macro usemacro
    Macros - implemented in Java - have to be register globally in the GWiki Configuration.
    With the usemacro other Macros can be used.

  • Macro warn
    The panel macro wrapp an text with a box.

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