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Detailed Changelog for GWiki.

See Jira: https://labs.micromata.de/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=10004


  • Overall redesign of vFolders.
  • Mayour improvments of the Wiki WYSIWYG Editor.



  • Added 'edit path' tree selector (GWIKI-150)


  • Moved settings tab of edit pages to a modal dialog (GWIKI-147)
  • Added configuration item to allow vertical sets of editors instead of tabbed editors (GWIKI-149)
  • Added some control buttons to the Wiki editor and moved meta controls to the toolbars of each editor (GWIKI-148)


  • Fixed broken property editor style
  • Fixed several IE7/8 bugs


  • Added missing i18n in java and gspt files
  • Added javascript i18n


  • Made fancybox css paths relative


  • Moved path input field from Edit page to a modal dialog
  • Enhanced RTE controls by dividing it's complexity in three parts (simple, advanced, expert)
  • Fixed broken help link


  • Removed control elements of hierarchical breadcrumb


  • Added new hierarchical breadcrumb macro


  • Added new pagetree macro for tree navigation
  • Enhanced plugin information (GWIKI-60)
  • Added a new <gwiki:macro /> tag for jsp / gspt pages (GWIKI-136)
  • Added html attributes to macros column and section (GWIKI-137)


  • Grouped settings into several groups and hiding unimportant (GWIKI-130)
  • Fixed paragraph handling and added a spellchecker to RTE
  • Added RTE command to allow insertion of hyperlinks via tree navigation


  • Added possibility to create a plugin specific authorization
  • Enhanced encoding to create a pageId from a title (GWIKI-17)
  • If title is not set use not complete id as title, but only last filename part (GWIKI-128)
  • Fixed problem registering multiple MPC in plugin (GWIKI-126)
  • Added filter to recognize and delete corresponding files, if a file is deleted (GWIKI-119)


  • Added special format for monospace text in RTE
  • Fixed diverse RTE related bugs (GWIKI-106, GWIKI-107, GWIKI-108)
  • Fixed bug: Validation error causes pageId duplication (GWIKI-105)


  • Rights from different plugins are merged now
  • Added possibility to run a special operation with a given right


  • Added a fancybox macro to display modal content (GWIKI-90)
  • Fixed bug: Links to images are not resolved correctly (GWIKI-95)
  • Created a sitemap
  • Added change comment Artefakt to Wiki pages
  • Changed date persistance from local time to UTC
  • Enabled plugin to add rights to roles config (GWIKI-93)


  • Enabled incremental index creating regarding modifiedat field. (GWIKI-84)
  • Added user login / logout filter (GWIKI-83)
  • Removed index informations from settings of binary files


  • Provide a mechanism for email templates.
    • Templates managed via GWiki
    • Supports dynamics
    • Supports I18N
    • Scheduler


  • Added a region to allow plugins to render additional menus (GWIKI-59)
  • Pipe of back-translation-macros will now be escaped (GWIKI-64)
  • Added style classes to GWiki Links (GWIKI-63)


  • Updated GUI to assign user permissions (GWIKI-49)
  • Moved plugins to own projects
  • Logviewer styled up
  • Added RSS reader plugin
  • Solved problem with character formatting (GWIKI-45)
  • Added configuration possibility for file archiving (GWIKI-51)


  • Optimized content of Settings files (GWIKI-47)
  • Fixed indenting issue in RTE (GWIKI-46)
  • Nested list elements will now preserve their list-type while switching Editors (GWIKI-43)
  • RTE alignment is now supported with translating div elements. (GWIKI-48)


  • Fixed bug: Writing / reading plugin templates from different locations after a template was edited (GWIKI-39)
  • Added minimal logging threshold
  • Blockquote is now working also in RTE (GWIKI-42)
  • Administration pages has now a reference to the last visited page (GWIKI-44)
  • Fixed bug: Save does not work in RTE (GWIKI-41)


  • Enhanced plugin dependency management (GWIKI-38)
  • Added plugin to view logfiles. (GWIKI-22)


  • Added plugin activate / deactivate Listener. (GWIKI-34)
  • Fixed bug: After image always a <br/> is appended. (GWIKI-31)
  • Support Wiki Syntax inside the title of a link. (GWIKI-32)
  • Fixed bug: Sometimes - with only a few character in editor - switching between wiki and preview or rte text disapear. (GWIKI-33)


  • Lockfile name correction



  • Fixed links inside tables.


  • New Plugin gwiki.pmprofiler for Debugging utils. Contains the Poor Mans Profiler.


  • Text extractors for full text search engine can now be defined in plugins
    • New Plugin gwiki.msotextextractor-1.0.0 for extracting text from MS Office documents
    • New Plugin gwiki.pdftextextractor-1.0.0 for extracting text from PDF files.


  • Jetty Standalone: Possibilty to configure session timeout (JettyConfig.sessionTimeout). Default is 60 minutes.


  • RTE
    • Fixed leading sleash in link created inside the RTE (GWIKI-3)
    • Fixed parsing single Line from RTE (GWIKI-5)
    • Link syntax extended to support class and target attributes.



  • Refresh snapshot.


  • New Macro gallery.
  • Continued Plugin framework. New Plugin keywordsmarttags and confluenceimporter.
  • FileSystem supports optionally automatically creating parent directories when writing files.


  • Created GWiki Plugins infrastructure.
    Not yet finished, but basic concept is working.
  • Ported to GWiki Plugin:
    • slideshows
    • forum (pre alpha)
    • blog (alpha)
    • vfolder (pre alpha)


  • Bug: Search pagination now reset if search button clicked.
  • An page can have the SKIN property. If this is set, the skin will be used to display this and children page.
  • It is now possible to configure, if anonymous comments should be allowed.
  • User registration
    • In user registration the default language and timezone will be evaluated.
    • For new user the user registereduser will be used as template.


  • The global Wiki configuration page is now extendable.
    It looks for elements in the path for elements admin/config/*Config, where Main Part is a GWikiPropsArtefakt and display it as tab panel.
    See also Add Config Panel to Wiki Config.
  • User can register itself via Login dialog. In the Wiki configuration page, tab GWikiAuthConfig it can be configured if
    • Self register is enabled
    • double opt in via email should be used or the user will be logged in after registered.
  • Bug fix: Email Template ${} replacement was not working correctly.
  • Bug fix: If user was created in CREATEDBY the timestamp for CREATEDAT was written.


  • Metatemplates extended. With allowedNewParentMetaTemplatesRule and allowedNewChildMetaTemplatesRule the element types created in relation to the current page element type can be restricted.
  • Blog: Continued.
    • Create template for blog entry, with side bar to navigate inside the blog.
    • 10 blog entries are shown. More blogs can be shown by scrolling.
    • Introduces GWIKI_DISABLE_CHILD_NAV request attribute to disable showing children elements in left side navigation.
    • Inside a Blog you can only create a Blog Entry or an Attachment. Inside a Blog Entry you can only create an Attachment.
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