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How to install GWiki.

Installation of GWiki Standalone

GWiki provides a standalone desktop installation with nearly zero configuration effort.

After downloading the wiki standalone distribution, unzip the archive in a new directory.

Mac OS X

On a Mac OS X environment, ensure not to unpack archive on a network directory, because mounted file systems on Mac doesn't support locking operations.

Inside a shell / command line window, go to unpacked archive directory and type
gwikiweb.cmd resp.

The shell script asumes, that a Java JDK 1.6 or higher can be located in the path environment.

Please use an up-to-date Java version. You can download Java from: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/widget/jdk6.jsp.

If java cannot be found or the java in the java in the path has wrong java version, please modify the script for your needs.

First time start

The first time you start GWiki Standalone version, you will be asked to give some information about your installation.

  • HTTP Port: The port the HTTP Server listen.
  • Context Path: Base path GWiki should served. This is the first part of the URL behind the domain and port.
  • Public Url: The URL Gwiki is reached
  • Public Sender Email: The email used as sender, if GWiki itself send emails.
  • Where to store gwiki files. For standard Desktop GWiki installation, doesn't change this value, because some standard GWiki files are already provided on given path.
  • System user
    A system user give you initial access to gwiki, if no user are in the user database.
    Password will be stored as hash value.
  • Enable User for WebDAV Access
  • Email server: If GWiki should send emails to user configure email SMPT server and port.

These settings are stored in the file gwiki.properties, which can also modified later with a text editor.

First time starting, the GWiki standalone version also create an full text index of all wiki files. Normally this only takes a few seconds.


After starting GWiki open a browser with following URL:


The standalone version provides following users:

  • gwikisu
  • gwikieditor
  • gwikiview.

All users has the password


Before using GWiki with these default users on a server reachable via internet, change the passwords.

See also:

Install GWiki as WAR archive in Java Servlet container

Please refer to Use Gwiki WAR archive.

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