The Micromata Bootstrap Kickstart

The open source kit was published by Twitter on Github and contains design templates based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Micromata has now developed a tool that makes the first application of Bootstrap ever so easy! With 'Bootstrap Kickstart' Michael Kühnel created an intelligent tool that faciliates the following functions during the initial creation of Bootstrap themes:

  • A useful structure raises the serviceability of LESS databanks and ensures the possibility of upgrades.
  • The integration of standard plugins also allows Internet Explorer users (down to IE8) to apply Bootstrap.
  • Through the use of the package administration tool Bower (open source and Twitter) it is guaranteed that external libraries and frameworks are always up-to-date (‘Bootstrap Kickstart‘ itself is published as Bower package).
  • The application of JavaScript Task Runners Grunt automates important tasks such as documentation, addition of browser-specific CSS preficesthe compilation of LESS to CSS, the minimisation of JavaScript, the loss-less compression of images, theprevention of caching of external resources, the release creation and many more.

All of the above create distinct advantages for the Bootstrap user – above all economy of time during the set up of new projects with Bootstrap because fundamental processes are automised and repeated processes need to be initialised only once.

The aim of Bootstrap Kickstart is to help you with the creation of Bootstrap themes and sites by providing:

  • a file structure with focus on maintainibilty and upgradability
  • a Grunt workflow with the following »features«
    • compile and minify our code
    • add sourcemaps for JavaScript and CSS
    • get rid of console output in production files
    • add vendor prefixes
    • optimize images (lossless)
    • start a local server
    • keep browsers in sync
    • delete unused CSS (optional)
    • release new versions
    • and more.

In addition to that, the automzsation creates standardization of worksflows across projects, thus creating transparency and efficient know-how transfer between developer teams.