Giving your entities a memory

Software should ease your teamwork. That's why it needs a high degree of transparency.

A new extension for Hibernate now gives you the opportunity to backtrack the changes of your persistent data and simplify the daily coordination with your fellows. Like a logbook it keeps record of all modifications and tells you who has done it and when. And as an open source software it is available for everyone!

Hibernate History API

The Hibernate History API provides Java interfaces to log modifications of persistent Java Objects in the Hibernate Framework.

About this Project

The Hibernate History API is developed by Micromata as an addition to the Hibernate Framework. The main goal of it is to provide an easy way of generating a history of all modifications of the persistent data objects which are maintained through Hibernate.

Hibernate History is suited for a multiplicity of applications where logging is important. The API is lightweight, easy to implement and needs only few resources.

How it works

The API contains the HistoryInterceptor class which logs changes in data entities and stores them as history entries in a database table. The class implements the Intercepter Interface from the Hibernate API and overwrites several methods to interrupt write requests on property values to log them.

The Historizable Interface marks the classes from entities whose changes should be recorded. A history entry stores the affected attributs, the date of the changes, the user who commits it and an optional comment.