JAK travels California

San Francisco/Kassel, September 2010. Micromata has been invited by Oracle to present a new Java interface for KML at this year's JavaOne in San Francisco.

JavaOne is the biggest and most important conference for the international Java Community to discuss the latest issues of the Java technology. Kai Reinhard and Florian Bachmann from the Micromata GmbH will present JAK on this occasion. JAK is a new interface to display KML-based geodata in a Java enviroment.

“Usually it takes much manual effort to adapt KML data to Java surroundings” says Florian Bachman, inventor of the new interface. “With JAK it runs almost automatically. The interface uses so called JAXB scheme compiler to generate POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) from the KML pattern. The benefit of this: Modifications of the scheme slip directly into the interface without any adaptation efforts.”

Kai Reinhard, managing partner of Micromata, puts the economical benefit of JAK into the following words:
“Geo data are part of the business in almost every industry these days. JAK provides a new opportunity to integrate them with much easier into a company's software and lower the costs for software developments.“

The JAK lecture takes place on September 21th at 08:00 AM in Hotel Parc 55, Room Powell I/II

Micromata provides JAK for a free download

by Jule Witte

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