ProjectForge - Release 4

2012/06/16 Release 4.1.3

This release adds bugfixes, including a major one related to timesheet booking.

2012/05/03 Release 4.1.0 - New calendar

We present a complete new implementation of ProjectForge's calendar with drag&drop functionality and week/day view!

  1. New calendar implementation
  2. Tested now with Internet Explorer.
  3. Layout improvements and some bug fixes.

2012/04/18 Release 4.0.0

We proudly present, our release 4.0.0:

  1. Complete new layout including refactored GUI source code!
  2. Customizable menu trees for every user for more efficient daily work..
  3. New plugin: adress campains for administration of addresses for campains such as mailings etc.
  4. Developer's quickstart: Java-Main for starting ProjectForge from command line or directly in Eclipse

by Jule Witte

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