Frequently asked Questions


What does the name GWiki stands for?

GWiki was originally invented as a plugin for an enterprise application
management system called Genome, which was developed by Micromata.
See for more details.
We shortened the name from Genome Wiki to GWiki.

Edit Pages

How to rename a page-Id

The function to rename a page-Id can be found on the Info page.
Renaming a page-Id also fixes all parent page-Id references
on the child pages.

How to import Word into Wiki Page?

The best way to import Word documents is to use the Rich Text editor.
First, open the source document in Word and copy the content text into the clipboard.
Open an existing or a new Wiki page and switch to Rich Text view.
In the dialog box use Ctrl+V (or its equivalent on your operation system)
to paste the content text from the clipboard.
Finally, select the 'Insert' button to insert the text into your Wiki page.



Why is there no Macro known?

Although documented within a wiki page, GWiki reports the Macro as unknown?
Maybe the macro is not registered in the GWiki configuration.
In this case please refer to Create a Macro or contact the GWiki administrator.

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