How to install GWiki.



With GWiki 2.1 a new Standalone Client was developed, which provides a GUI to configure GWiki base infrastructure.


You need to install the most recent version of Java 8 on your System. Older versions of Java are not supported.

Installation of GWiki Launcher

After downloading the gwikilauncher jar double click onto the jar to start the Lauchner.
Alternativelly you can start the Launcher by command line:
java -jar gwikilauncher-1.2.0.jar 


The version number may be different. 

See about the Launcher Step by Step: Installation with GWikiLauncher.


Storage of the configuration

These settings are stored in the file, which can also modified later with a text editor.
First time starting, the GWiki standalone version also create an full text index of all wiki files. Normally this only takes a few seconds.

Installation GWiki on an server environment

On an server environment - where you have no display - you can start wiki with java -jar gwikilauncher-1.2.0.jar -nogui.
The first start will terminate immediately. You will see error messages in the logs sub directory (log/GWiki.log).
The first start has created an file.


Before using GWiki with these default users on a server reachable via internet, change the passwords.

See also:


Install GWiki as WAR archive in Java Servlet container

Please refer to Use Gwiki WAR archive.

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