Download GWiki application and developer libraries.



Standalone Desktop Installation

Take a look at the GWiki desktop installation.
After downloading GWiki standalone distribution, please refer to pub/en/Installation to launch
the GWiki server.


You can download GWIki here

In most cases simply double click on the jar file to start.
See to Installation for more.



Bugs, Support requests and feature requests can be found and submitted at:

Developer of GWiki

Source code repository

The source code for GWiki is availabe via Git here:
You can checkout the sources as anonymous user.

Maven repository

If you use maven, please check our nexus repository at:
If you want to deploy GWiki on an servlet container or integrate GWiki in your own web project.
Following artefakts are provided:

See also Use Gwiki WAR archive.
for gwiki related snapshots or browse/download file directly:

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