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GWiki is a wiki style content managment plattform and rapid develop environment for content based java application.
Because GWiki is released under the Apache License, you can use it also in commercial projects and combine it with closed source Java J2E applications.

Release 2.3.0

Release 2.3.0 is published.
See Downloads to download GWiki.
See Release Notes 2.3.0 about the changes 




GWiki as CMS/Wiki

  • Desktop Wiki / Knowledge Base
  • Scalable to Enterprise Cluster environment.
  • From simple Wiki to CMS with release management
  • Extensible with plugins.

GWiki as Rapid Development Framework

  • Online Editing of dynamic pages, including MVC
  • Supports Stripes/Struts Actions Groovy
  • Supports JSP with tag libraries
  • Write Macros and Plugins

GWiki as Content centric Java Development Framework

  • Online management of Java internationalization files
  • Seperate static text from dynamic pages.
  • Integrate online help pages
  • Provide data storage to application


More information

See Features for more informations.
You can view some Slide shows with screenshots of GWiki.

Get and Try out

To try out GWiki, download the standalone version in Downloads section and install GWiki on your local machine.


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