Release Notes 2.1.0

GWiki 2.1.0 is a mayor release 



GWiki now has an optional desktop Launcher, where you can configure basic infrastructure settings for GWiki.
You can directly edit 

Complete Rewritten Rich Text Editor

The rich text editor now uses tinyMCE. Many enhancement for Supporting GWiki Features like links, macros, etc. are done.
The Rich Text Editor is now the default editor for Wiki pages.
The Editor supports direct copy paste of HTML, images and attachments. The old Java Applet to paste Screenshots is no longer needed.
Editor Support many keyboard shortcuts (see Wiki Editor Keyboard Shortcuts) for fast working write pages.
Support for Smileys and other Icons. You can configure GWiki to make usage of own Icons.

Reworked HTML Parser

For Parsing HTML a new Parser is written. 

Better Render and RTE Support for Macros

Information for attributes and render behaviour is now attached as Java Annotation (@MacroInfo).
This provides information for the RTE Macro dialogs and better HTML render options as well.

New Default Skin MGC

Created a new Skin mgc, which much more leaner than the gwiki skin.
The Focus of the skin is the content of the page, and not the decoration around the content.
Provides a fast acessable side navigation.

Reorganize Pages with dragn'drop 

Relink pages and order pages is now very simple with the new  Page Hierarchy function.


GWiki uses MGC Libraries for Infrastructure.

See also

Updated libraries

Updated used java and javascript libraries to current stable versions.
Usage of jGrid was removed.

Java 8

GWiki requires Java 8 as runtime. 

Support for Spaces

Add a support for multiple spaces, which has it own page tree and navigation.
Space Support currently only implemented for the mgc skin.

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