Quick install guide

For those already using Node, Grunt, Bower and stuff.

via Yeoman

$ npm install -g yo
$ npm install -g generator-bootstrap-kickstart
$ yo bootstrap-kickstart

See: https://github.com/micromata/generator-bootstrap-kickstart

via Git

$ git clone https://github.com/micromata/bootstrap-kickstart.git
$ cd bootstrap-kickstart
$ npm install
$ grunt tasks

via Bower

$ bower install bootstrap-kickstart
$ mv bower_components/bootstrap-kickstart/* ./
$ rm -rf bower_components
$ npm install
$ grunt tasks


  • Node.js
  • Bower
  • Grunt


The major dependency is Node.js including the Node.js package manager called »npm«. The other depencies can be installed with npm.

Please enter the following in your terminal if your aren’t sure about the availability of Node.js and npm on your machine:

npm --version

This should return the something like the following in case Node.js and npm is already installed:


If that isn’t the case you have to install Node.js first. On OS X I strongly recommend installing Node via Homebrew. Not just because it’s easier to switch versions with Homebrew but also because you prevent potential permission problems when running npm.


Bootstrap, jQuery and other plugins are installed via Bower (»a package manager for the web«). You can check the availability of bower with typing the following into your terminal:

bower --version

Your terminal should response with the version number of Bower, if Bower is installed properly. Something like:


Otherwise you have to install Bower first.

Installing Bower

Thanks to Node.js and npm installing Bower globally is just this simple one-liner:

npm install -g bower

Also make sure that git is installed as some bower packages require it to be fetched and installed.


Like Bootstrap itself this project uses Grunt for its build system, with convenient methods for working with the project. It's how we compile and minify our code, at vendor prefixes, optimize images, delete unused CSS, release new versions and more.

Installing Grunt

Thanks do Node.js and npm installing the Grunt command line tools globally is just this simple one-liner:

npm install -g grunt-cli