GWiki is a wiki-based multi purpose content management system.


GWiki is a wiki style content managment plattform and rapid develop environment for content based java application. It iss released under the Apache License, you can use it also in commercial projects.

GWiki as Application/CMS/Wiki

  • Desktop Wiki / Knowledge Base
  • Scalable to Enterprise Cluster environment.

GWiki as Rapid Development Framework

  • Embedd dynamic elements in Wiki pages
    • Use HTML Forms,
    • Groovy code and
    • JSP Tags.
  • Online Editing of dynamic pages, including MVC modell
    • Supports Stripes/Struts Actions Groovy
    • Supports JSP with tag libraries

GWiki as Content centric Java Development Framework

  • Online management of Java internationalization files
  • Seperate static text from dynamic pages.
  • Integrate online help pages
  • Provide data storage to application
  • just embed it as a servlet in your webapplication

GWiki comes with Apache Wicket support

  • Use GWiki Internationalization
  • Use GWiki Fragments to embedd editable parts in the Wicket page
  • Use GWiki to manage HTML files used by Wicket as template to render the view.
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