ProjectForge is a web-based solution for project management including time sheet booking, Gantt-charting, financial administration, controlling and managing work-break-down-structures (e. g. together with JIRA as issue management system).


Open-source software for your project management!

ProjectForge is developed as a professional and secure Software. Its modern architecture is very scalable and uses encrypted communication for usage over the Internet. You can start ProjectForge as a small installation (as executable for Windows, Mac or Linux) and migrate it later, if needed, on a server farm. Your users only need a modern Internet browser. There is no need to install anything on the user’s client.

Three reasons for ProjectForge

  1. Professional project management and financial and adminstrative controlling platform for teams from small to large ensures the success of your projects and your company.
  2. Easy to use, convinient and multi langual. The users need no software installation!
  3. The best of the two worlds: protection of investments cause of open source software and professional support and services.

Tasks and task trees, budgets and consumptions

Organize your customers, projects, releases and work packages in task trees. This screenshot shows you a possible task tree for a typical project:

Gantt charts

Monitor your study plans, monitor your budgets and the work break down structures.

Time sheet booking

Time sheet booking is as convenient as possible. Your team is able to use templates for time sheets, clone time sheet and a lot more. You can search for time sheets in lists, but mostly the calendar view is used by the users. The calendar displays time sheets, holidays, birthdays etc.

Ready-to-run version

The ready-to-run version is designed to use ProjectForge for small projects or single person projects. ProjectForge is scalable, so you can migrate your data later to any other system set-up. The screenshot shows the Windows version, a clickable Exe-Application without any required configuration. The web-server and a data-base is already bundled and pre-configured.

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